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Leaves Shadow

Avi Tel's two books

Music (2021)

A Book Full of Errors (2024)

Music (2021)
"I wrote music as a novel in sequels. It has no beginning and no end.
These are the rhythms in my heart and the moods moving in my head. Nothing more."
- Avi Tel
The novel "Music" was written as a piece of music and it is also worth listening to.
Avi Tel began writing the text for the novel during 2018, at the same time as a great burst of musical creativity. The text in the book is a river of a stream of consciousness, leading the reader and the listener through a journey of moods, colors and emotions that are in constant motion and change every morning.
A book full of errors, broken poems and even drawings (2024)

The "Broken Poems" cycle mixes a journey between ruins and fusion, between fragments and the abstract way of thought. Phrases drawn from a burst of songs by the fathers of poetry and stuck together to form new constructions. like music

Each broken poem is built from a collection of poems by different poets. opposites. And plasters of new words heal the wounds.

All the digital collages included in the book are also the work of Avi Tel.

By purchasing the books you will receive an original and signed digital work of your choice

250 NIS

Works to choose from:

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