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Small framed works


About my father Tel

Avi Tel was born in 1965 in Haifa. His father Shlomo Tel was one of the pioneers of the local press and the Internet in Israel. In his youth, in the 1980s, he worked in the local newspaper "Kelvo" founded by his father

In 1986, after serving as an aerial photographer in the Air Force, he began working for the family advertising company "Kesher Shihir". In the 1990s he served as a strategic and advertising consultant and, among other things, accompanied local election campaigns, mainly in communities in northern Israel. In 2002, after his father's death, he was appointed a director of the Shokan chain and together with his brother Shawn managed the companies "Kesher Shihir" and "Coral Tel". In 2005 he invented the website Yad2, and together with his brother was one of its founders and owners. Managed the site's advertising systems and interface engineering...

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